The Mid IB Summer Review Courses 2019

The online application deadline has passed and course enrolment has closed. Any late queries - please email the course co-ordinator

The purpose of the courses is to provide students who have completed the first year of their IB Diploma with a structured review of the content and skills covered in the subjects they choose to study on the course. Students will receive 15.5 hours of subject teacher contact time over three days as well as the opportunity to sign up for 2 hours of individual subject specific, Internal Assessment, Extended Essay and/or Personal Statement support.

During the review course the teachers, whom are employed full-time at Sevenoaks School, will:

  • Give a written synopsis of the Lower Sixth IB syllabus for their subject to ensure students are fully aware of the necessary ground to cover to be successful
  • Cover as much of the exam syllabus as the 15.5 hours of contact time per subject allows, including all the content of the ‘core’ in the case of Higher Level Maths, Physics and Chemistry (for content of History see footnote below)
  • Provide suitable written and visual resources to students to inform and help them with their learning
  • Provide intensive tuition in the IB syllabus of the chosen subject;
  • Develop the students’ exam techniques to ensure they develop the necessary skills to answer IB exam questions successfully
  • Set and mark written work so that students can improve their exam performance
  • Provide individual and collective advice on how to revise for exams.

Teaching will be conducted in small groups (max 12 students per subject group) in the school, in comfortable, fully equipped classrooms.

The Structure and Range of the Review Courses

Applicants are invited to apply for either one or two courses. Each course will include 15.5 hours teaching time as well as the opportunity to sign up for individual subject specific, Internal Assessment, Extended Essay and/or Personal Statement support. Classes start at 09:00 on each course day and conclude at 16:15 on the first day of the course with ‘sign up’ sessions available 15:00-17:00 on day two, and a 16:00 finish on day 3. There is an hour for lunch (provided as part of the cost) in the middle of each day. Students are also expected to complete one to two hours of homework/preparation on the two evenings when there are classes the following day.

We plan to offer teaching and tuition at both Standard Level and Higher Level, subject to demand, in the following subjects:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Economics
  • English A Literature
  • Geography
  • History 1
  • Maths
  • Maths Studies
  • Latin
  • Spanish B
  • Spanish Ab initio
  • German B
  • French B
  • Psychology
  • Philosophy 

Paper 1 (Documents) The Move to Global War; Paper 2 Cold War, Authoritarian States; Paper 3 Russia 1853-1924, Italian and German Unification

Applicants can therefore study a maximum of two subjects/courses over the six days of the courses. Alternatively, they may attend one three day course.

Applicants for two courses should be aware that the order of the courses chosen is not guaranteed.



Session 1: 18-20 August (Boarders arriving evening of 17 Aug; depart 20 Aug)
Session 2: 21-23 August (Boarders arriving evening of 20 Aug; depart 23 Aug)

If you have any queries, please contact the course coordinator Mr Paul Thompson.


Cost of Review Courses

Three Day Course

Day student £540 with *early bird booking rate of £515

Boarding student (Sevenoaks pupils) £770 with *early booking rate of £730

Boarding student (non-Sevenoaks pupils) £920 with *early booking rate of £875

Six Day Course

Day student £1020 with *early bird booking rate of £970

Boarding student (Sevenoaks pupils) £1460 with *early booking rate of £1385

Boarding student (non Sevenoaks pupils) £1740 with *early booking rate of £1665

*early bird rate would apply to applications before 6 May 2019.


The Residential Option

Those attending either or both courses will be asked to arrive at their allocated residence any time between 16.00 and 21.00 on the day before the course starts and will stay a total of three nights for each course. Students will be accommodated in one of the school’s boarding houses. All residents will be accommodated in single or twin bed-sitting rooms where there will be facilities to study in the evening. A member of the school’s academic boarding staff will be on duty during the course and be responsible for residents on each teaching/learning day. Breakfast, morning and afternoon refreshments, lunch and an evening meal will be provided in the school’s central dining room.

Please note that it may be necessary for students to share accommodation although, if a single is requested, these will be offered on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

The Non-residential Option

Those who live, or can find accommodation, close enough to the school to enable them to attend a course on a non-residential basis may prefer to do so. They will also be given morning and afternoon refreshments, and lunch.

Use of School Facilities

Whether as a residential or day student, those attending a review course will have access to the school’s outstanding facilities, including the library to assist with the revision, and the Sports Centre. For fresh air and exercise there is the wide expanse of school playing fields adjoining the main school campus.

In the event of cancellation before 1 July 2019, £100 is non-refundable. The last date for full receipt of payment is 1 July 2019. If we are informed of cancellation after 1 August none of the fee will be refunded. Registration after 1 July will be accepted if there is space on the course - email the course coordinator: Paul Thompson



Terms and conditions

How to pay 

Download booklet here

If you have any questions, please contact our Course Co-ordinator, Paul Thompson.

Course Coordinator: Mr Paul