Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of admission to and participation on the Sevenoaks School IB Courses are detailed below.

Students must agree to behave in a responsible manner, and to abide by the following rules. Students must:

  • Arrive punctually for the start and re‐start of each class.
  • If boarding, sign in each night (including on the day of arrival) by 22.00 and remain in the boarding house.
  • Not bring or consume alcohol on school premises, nor in the view of supervising boarding staff, be suffering from the effects of alcohol consumed on or off the school premises, nor use any illegal substances during the course.
  • Comply with the day‐to‐day rules of the course from time to time necessarily imposed by the Course Coordinator.
  • Not smoke in any school buildings, or outside, except in restricted designated areas.

Parents or guardians are fully liable for any damage, loss or injury to persons or property, however caused, by students.

Sevenoaks School reserves the right to ask any student to withdraw from the course and leave the premises for behaviour which, in the view of the Course Coordinator, does, or is likely to, prejudice the safety and smooth running of the course. In the rare event of a student being asked to withdraw and leave, no refund of fees will be made. Parents or guardians will be informed, and students expected immediately to return home at their own expense in terms of travel and accommodation costs.

Sevenoaks School will not be liable for any loss or damage to personal property or injuries to persons, however caused, except when such liability is expressly imposed by statute and cannot by law be excluded.

Students will be responsible for their own medical insurance cover and are urged to take out insurance which fully covers them for damage or loss of their personal belongings for the entire duration of the course, including fees in the event of cancellation after the final payment date.

 In the event of cancellation before 1 July 2023, £100 is non-refundable. If we are informed of cancellation after 1 July 2023, none of the fee will be refunded.

The parent agrees for medical treatment to be given to their son/daughter if required and recommended by a qualified medical practitioner.

By checking the tick box of the application form the parent and student thereby agree to the terms and conditions above, and to indemnify and to hold harmless Sevenoaks School and its agents, staff, officers and representatives against any failure by them to comply with these conditions and any rules reasonably imposed by the above in connection with the operation of the course.