IB Revision Courses

We run revision and review courses during the Easter and Summer holidays for IB students at Sevenoaks and other schools. These courses assist students with revision for their IB Diploma exams, and provide a structured review of the content and skills covered during the first year of IB Diploma studies.

Each year, in August, we deliver Summer Mid IB Review Courses aimed at students who have just completed the first year of their IB Diploma Programme.

Each year, in April, we deliver IB Easter Revision Courses aimed at students who are in the second year of their IB Diploma Programme and therefore soon to sit their IB final exams. Each subject course is structured and comprehensive with a focus on quality teaching and learning so students develop confidence in subject content (knowledge and understanding), skills and exam techniques

Our Easter IB Revision Courses are suitable for students in their final year of the IBDP, and are intended as intensive revision courses.

Our Summer Review Courses are aimed at students who have just completed their first year of the IBDP, and would like to consolidate their learning before they move forward to the final year. 

Our Maths Preparation Courses are aimed at current Year 11 students who from September 2023 will be embarking on the IB Higher Level or the Standard Level course in Mathematics without having studied Maths beyond IGCSE or GCSE or equivalent. 

Our son came to the summer course - he showed us the work he had done (a real shock - he usually only shows work when asked!) and the teachers were spoken of with real admiration. Thank you!

Sevenoaks has been teaching and administering the IB for over 30 years and currently has over 400 students in the IB Diploma Programme. The school can draw on a wealth of experience from teaching staff who are fully familiar with the syllabuses and the academic standards required to achieve success in the IB Diploma.

Unsurprisingly, therefore, we are confident that those joining our revision courses will receive the very best teaching and preparation for their IB exams.

Our courses are popular with students and have featured in the Telegraph


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