Who are the Easter Revision Courses suitable for?

The Easter IB Revision Courses are suitable for students who are coming to the end of their study for their IB Diploma and are about to take their exams in May (i.e. Upper Sixth or Year 13 students).

How many subjects can I book?

It is possible to book a maximum of two courses. One subject can be studied in the first three-day course (Saturday 9th April to Monday 11th April). A second subject can be studied in the second three-day course (Tuesday 12th April to Thursday 14th April). Alternatively you can choose to come for just one of the courses to study one subject.

What should I bring?

Bring any notes you may have been given or taken on the subject in the last eighteen months, as well as writing implements, rulers, calculators etc. If you wish to make use of the Sennocke Sports Centre, then please bring sports kit, racquets etc.

Boarders, aside from what you’d expect to bring, please also bring a towel, and a plug adaptor may be useful.

What time can I arrive at the boarding house?

The boarding house staff will expect you to arrive between 4pm and 9pm the day before your lessons start (so arrive on Friday 8th April for the first course running Saturday 9th to Monday 11th April; and arrive on Monday 11th April for the second course running Tuesday 12th April to Thursday 14th April).

Does the school organise transport to and from the airport or train station?

The school does not organise transport.

Can the school recommend a taxi company?

The boarding community here often use and can recommend the taxi firm 'Beeline' which can be contacted on 01732 456 214. 

Girls will board in Park Grange (postcode TN13 1HY)

Boys will board in the Aisher House (postcode TN13 1HY)

Where should I book the taxi to pick me up from on the last day?

Ask the taxi to pick you up from “Duke’s Meadow” which is the big car park near the Sports Centre.


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